Renting a Dumpster for Rubbish Removal

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Renting a Dumpster for Rubbish Removal

Renting a Dumpster for Rubbish Removal

17 October 2014
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If you are involved in a home renovation project, there is likely going to be a lot of rubbish to get rid of. You will be ripping out walls, floors, cupboards, etc., and you need to have a place to keep the items that you are getting rid of. One of the best things you can do for this type of rubbish removal is to rent a dumpster. You can rent it for as long as you need it, and it will be emptied regularly by the rental company. When renting a dumpster, there are certain things that you will need to consider to make sure that you will be getting exactly what you need.

Things to Consider

There are five main things that you need to think about before going out and renting a dumpster for rubbish removal. The first is the size of the dumpster. You need to have one that is going to have plenty of room to hold the items you are getting rid of. But, it also needs to be small enough to fit on your property. For instance, if you are planning on keeping it in your driveway, you will need to make sure that there is plenty of room for the dumpster, and any vehicles that are normally parked there. Other things to consider include:

Local Regulations

You need to check with your municipality to find out what you can dump, and what you can't dump. There are often regulations involving items like insulation, or anything that may involve chemicals that could contaminate the environment. You may be required to get a permit before you can use a dumpster, depending on what you are dumping.


If you are going to be getting rid of waste that is both wet and dry, you will need to get a segregated dumpster. This is a dumpster that has more than one section. Wet items can go in one side, and dry items in the other. Another option is to get a regular dumpster, and place plastic containers inside to keep wet and dry items segregated. You can use as many containers as you like, depending on the amount of waste categories you need to use.


The cost to rent a dumpster for rubbish removal will depend on two main factors: the size of the dumpster you need and how long you are going to need it. There are various rental rates, including daily, weekly and monthly to choose from, like with Magic Bins.

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