Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Commercial Shade Sail

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Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Commercial Shade Sail

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Commercial Shade Sail

16 June 2015
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Business owners who are trying to shade the front of their stores, shops or offices, can invest in commercial shade sails, which also limit sun exposure, glare and harmful UV rays. If you're considering investing in a commercial shade sail, here are the questions you need to ask to make sure you buy the sail that matches your needs.

Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

Most shade sails are not waterproof, which means that they will leak water when it rains. However, some shade sail manufacturers have developed sails that are water-resistant, which means that they are made with material that is water-absorbent, allowing less moisture to penetrate the fabric. This is an important question for you to ask if keeping areas completely dry is a big concern for the type of business you run.

What Is the Average Wind Resistance of the Shade Sails? 

Commercial shade sail manufacturers sell sails with different levels of wind resistance, which is one of the most important considerations when you're thinking about buying a sail. Shade sails aren't just built to provide shade and coolness, they are also designed to cut wind shear so that patrons can enjoy sitting outside or walking a thoroughfare without being buffeted by strong wind.

Find out the wind resistance that the seller offers. For example, some commercial shade sails are built to withstand wind at 128 km per hour, while others can go as high as 150 km per hour.

Do You Offer Customised Sails?

Commercial shade sails manufacturers typically sell sails that are four or five metres in size, that are available in triangle and square configurations. But you need to make sure that whatever buyer you choose can also customise sails if your commercial space has an unusual shape or needs to be bigger than what is offered with a standard shade sail. Some shade sail manufacturers make their own sails and can therefore offer easy customisation, whereas other manufacturers buy their sails from third parties, which may limit their ability to offer customisation.

Do Your Sails Block Out Ultraviolet Rays? 

Many commercial shade sails are made from polyethylene material that helps to block out harmful UV rays. But not all shade sails offer the same level of UV protection, so you need to find out the UV protection rating of the shade sails sold by the manufacturer, especially if your business is exposed to direct sunlight.

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