Reasons to Remove That Dying Tree From Your Property

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Reasons to Remove That Dying Tree From Your Property

Reasons to Remove That Dying Tree From Your Property

27 June 2016
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For some homeowners, having trees in their property is one of the best things about having a yard. As such, when a tree begins showing signs of deterioration, they tend to assume that it will not have as much impact as absolute removal of the tree. The truth of the matter, though, is that hanging onto a dying tree poses more risks for your residence and loved ones than the environmental impact of having it removed. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt for tree removal services to eliminate that dying tree from your property.

A dying tree is a haven for infestations

As a tree begins to die, it starts to attract a myriad of pests. This is because as it rots, it becomes a source of food for a range of boring insects. One of the more common pest infestations that will begin due to a tree dying on your property is a termite infestation. Leaving this unchecked will pose a risk to the structural integrity of other wood constructions on your property such as sheds and even your own home. Pest infestations are not the only think that you should be worried about though.

As a tree is dying, it begins to develop cracks and crevices in its trunk. These provide breeding grounds for rodents such as rats. As soon as these rodents begin to breed in the tree, they will start invading your residence in search of food. This is why it is prudent to have a dying tree removed as soon as possible so as to prevent the risk of harbouring pests and rodents on your property.

A dying tree poses the risk of property damage

Another reason to remove a dying tree from your property is to prevent the risk of property damage. It should be noted that a dying tree might not fall over immediately. However, as the tree gradually succumbs to decay, its limbs become weak. These tree branches can fall over and damage an array of items such as power lines, vehicles, windows, roofs and more. 

The property damage may also not be limited to your residence alone. If the tree limbs fall into your neighbours' property and cause damage to their items, you will be liable for repairing or replacing them. As such, it could prove to be more expensive hanging on to a dying tree than simply enlisting tree removal services to have it extricated posthaste.

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