Solar Hot Water Systems and the Question of Warranty

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Solar Hot Water Systems and the Question of Warranty

Solar Hot Water Systems and the Question of Warranty

31 August 2016
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Solar hot water systems are a good alternative to electrical and gas hot water systems at home. They save on energy costs and, over several years, result into a good return on investment for the immediate and future users. Like every other system, solar hot water systems run into several failures and problems over their lifespan. Valve failures, for instance, are today's most commonly expected problems with these systems that will require solar hot water repairs. Yet solar hot water systems are often backed by stretched warranties that cover various aspects of repairs differently. Moreover, the person who undertakes your repairs may just be doing more damage to your warranty than you would imagine. Read about the various warranty conditions with solar water heater systems and what to do in situations requiring solar hot water repairs.

Warranty coverage

Solar hot water systems have varying warranty coverage for different components. You may find, for instance, that your home solar water collector has a five or ten year warranty while other components like valves have ninety-day warranties. Finding out the clear terms of the warranty on the component requiring solar hot water repairs can help you determine where to save on and how. 

Full warranty coverage on a product

The various warranties also differ in coverage. Typically, a full warranty cover on any solar water heater component should cover for:

  • Repair or replacement of a defective part free of charge from the company.
  • Timely fixing by the company within the period you complain.
  • Transportation of the system parts back to the company if needed; the customer does not incur any costs from this.
  • The warranty is legible to anyone owning the system within that said period.

Limited warranty

The other option for warranties on solar water heating components is a limited warranty. Limited warranties cover less scope and typically cater for:

  • Parts only—labor costs are on the customer.
  • Customer may be required to find their own means to transport the product back to the company should the need arise.
  • Only the original buyer is covered.

Once again, knowledge of the type of warranty you posses can help you save on very many aspects when you need solar hot water repairs. Also note that some companies may void your warranty if repairs were done by unauthorized individuals. Your repair person should, therefore, consult the company before undertaking repairs if your warranty stipulates such a clause.

Contractors' system warranty

Another area to check on is if you have a contractor warranty. In many cases, if a problem results from a faulty installation rather than a part failure, the company may not cover any repairs. The installing contractors would be the ones liable. In this instance, your contractor warranty would be your savior if still in effect. Remember, know where you absolutely have no choice but to foot the bill, and instances where your warranties make it someone else's responsibility.

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