What You Ought To Consider When Selecting a Hand Dryer

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What You Ought To Consider When Selecting a Hand Dryer

What You Ought To Consider When Selecting a Hand Dryer

14 September 2016
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Over the years, hand dryers have steadily replaced paper towels in washrooms. This is largely due to the fact that they are more cost effective especially when it comes to bathrooms that experience a lot of foot traffic. Granted, dryers will use electricity and thus you would have to pay a bill at the end of each month. However, this could be cheaper than what you spend on paper towels. In addition to this, the hand dryers are eco-friendly. So how can you go about choosing hand dryers for your commercial premises with all the different options that are available in the market?

Consider the power wattage of the different hand dryers

The first thing that you could think about would be the power wattage of the hand dryers and the operational technology that they make use of. When considering operational technology, you would be contemplating two main options; those that need to be turned on by the push of a button and those that automatically com on when they sense hands underneath them.

One thing to note though is that the push button dryers are not as hygienic as all the people who will make use of the bathroom will push the same button. This increases the potential of spreading germs and diseases from one person to the next.

Consider the shell materials of the hand dryers

The next thing to consider when it comes to selecting a dryer for the washroom would be the material that it has been made out of. Several materials are popularly used in the manufacture of these appliances. These materials include stainless steel, high density plastic and cast iron. You may also find in high end restaurants chrome plated dryers or even gold plated! These tend to be quite expensive and more or less chosen for their luxury factor more than functionality.

Cast iron dryers on the other hand are the best bet for areas that receive a lot human traffic such as petrol stations, amusement parks, shopping malls and so on. These hand dryers will handle any wear and tear that they may encounter as they are built to last.

If you are looking for something attractive but that will still fit into a modest budget, you would be best suited with opting for a stainless steel dryer. These dryers do not get grimy in a hurry and when they are finally a bit dirty, they are quite easy to clean.

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