Do you spend a lot of energy heating up your factory? Learn some tips and tricks for improving your factory's energy efficiency.

What You Ought To Consider When Selecting a Hand Dryer

14 September 2016
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Over the years, hand dryers have steadily replaced paper towels in washrooms. This is largely due to the fact that they are more cost effective especially when it comes to bathrooms that experience a lot of foot traffic. Granted, dryers will use electricity and thus you would have to pay a bill at the end of each month. However, this could be cheaper than what you spend on paper towels. In addition to this, the hand dryers are eco-friendly.
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Your Checklist for an Energy-efficient Cooling Tower

9 August 2016
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A cooling tower is an open-topped, cylindrical tower used to condense steam for air conditioning. A cooling tower works by rejecting waste heat from a building into the atmosphere, enabling you to maintain a certain desired temperature in the building. It has fans, water basins and piping to facilitate the circulation of the water throughout the system. Some of these components rely on electricity to perform their functions. For you to cut on your energy costs, you must ensure that the cooling tower always operates at its optimal best.
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