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2 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit May Be Driving Up Your Energy Bills

23 September 2016
Environmental, Blog

If you have noticed that your energy bills are rising at an alarming rate, your air conditioning unit could be to blame. Over time, air conditioning units can develop problems which cause them to operate inefficiently. This leads to the unit using more electricity, which is both bad for your bank balance and the environment. Below is a guide to two common reasons that your air conditioning unit may have become inefficient.
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Bushfire Prevention Tips For Agricultural Workers

21 September 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Many fires break out on agricultural farms during the dry season when the annual harvest of crops is underway.  The majority of these fires could be prevented by following a few simple guidelines.  Keep your farm and your neighbours' properties safe this bushfire season by following the advice given below. Fire prevention tips during harvest time Before you start, move all your firefighting kit to the fields you're going to be working in.
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Tips to Improving the Quality of Your Indoor Air

19 September 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Having a healthy home is not simply about keeping it clean and devoid of dirt. Since bacteria and viruses are microscopic, they can thrive right in the air that you breathe. Therefore, another crucial concern to have when trying to maintain a healthy environment is ensuring the quality of your indoor air is maintained too. Failure to take measures that will improve your air quality could lead to an array of toxins permeating your personal space such as excessive levels of carbon monoxide, allergens, volatile organic compounds, radon and more.
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2 Modifications That Will Transform Your City Dwelling Into A Sustainable Home

16 September 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Concerns about the environment and the rising cost of utilities and groceries have prompted a surge in the desire for sustainable housing in Australia. For many people, this conjures up an image of living on a rural property with an independent water source and naturally sourced electricity. If you live in an urban environment, then you may think that the ideal of creating a more sustainable home is unachievable. However, even a small terrace home or townhouse in a city is capable of providing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with the right additions.
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What You Ought To Consider When Selecting a Hand Dryer

14 September 2016
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Over the years, hand dryers have steadily replaced paper towels in washrooms. This is largely due to the fact that they are more cost effective especially when it comes to bathrooms that experience a lot of foot traffic. Granted, dryers will use electricity and thus you would have to pay a bill at the end of each month. However, this could be cheaper than what you spend on paper towels. In addition to this, the hand dryers are eco-friendly.
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